John Silvestre Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT


Individual Psychotherapy

Patients are usually seen once a week for 50 minutes sessions, but more intensive therapy is another option depending on the clinical needs of specific patients.

Family Sessions

Family or significant others are commonly included in both assessment and intervention phases of cognitive behavioral therapy as clinically indicated.  This is especially important when the family members are negatively involved in reassuring and/or doing rituals for the patient.  Participation in the therapy will guide family members how to engage in a healthy manner with the anxiety sufferer.

Group Therapy

These are small groups, usually composed by 5 to 7 members, who meet once a week for 75 minutes for a limited period of time.  Its focus is on psychoeducation, support and cognitive behavioral methods (e.g. cognitive reestructuration, exposure therapy, etc).  The cognitive behavioral techniques are targeted to the specific diagnostic presentation.

Phone Consultations

Effective treatment for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders is not always available where you live.  John Silvestre has had extensive experience working with people nationally and internationally using the phone. When working internationally it helps that he speaks fluently, Portuguese and Spanish.

Supervision And Consultation

Clinicians interested in learning and being supervised on CBT for Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders can contact John Silvestre.  When necessary a telephone consultation can be arranged.